“Laurie guided our research and helped us face our fears of hospital birth. She took the time to understand the concerns we had about becoming parents. We were pressed for time and under a lot of stress having just moved across the country in the second trimester. She was able to say and do what we needed so that our birth went better than we could have dreamed. Working with Laurie strengthened my relationship with my partner and prepared us to greet our baby daughter with courage we didn’t know we had. Her strength and intuitive posture were contagious. When we felt lost she gently guided us back to the path we wanted to take. The things Laurie taught us about ourselves as individuals and as a family will serve us for the rest of our lives. An opportunity to work with Laurie is not to be missed!” -A

“The following words will not adequately describe my experience of Laurie as our doula. Throughout the birth and postpartum, Laurie was open, available, supportive, and beyond caring. Her kindness and strength helped to make my birthing process an unbelievable and amazing experience. During the pregnancy Laurie made every effort to get to know me and my husband and what both of us were expecting during the birth. The morning my water broke, I couldn’t wait to call Laurie to let her know. Throughout the day she kept in touch but allowed my husband and I the space to process what was happening and what we needed. When things started to progress Laurie was there every step of the way. I was amazed at how attuned she was to my needs and what type of support I would most respond to. Laurie was an amazing blessing during the entire process and her support didn’t stop there. Laurie was there to support us as we stepped into our new lives in the week following birth. She was always there to offer advice, techniques, and support through the new transition period. I could not have asked for anyone better than Laurie to journey along this path with. She brought more love, support, and strength than I would have ever known to ask for.” – H


An amazing advocate and a nurturing guide — Laurie was a key part of the birth of our son Finn. As first-time parents, we had a lot of questions and she listened to all of our hopes and concerns with equal attention. During the birth, she was a beacon of positive energy for both of us. She’s a gifted doula who helped make the birth of our son a memory we will cherish forever.” – M

“My husband and I decided to hire a doula because 1) I wanted to be natural birth and 2) we didn’t have a lot of active support from our families because they live on the other side of the country. Laurie Craft was the perfect fit. She helped my husband and I mentally prepare ourselves for childbirth and parenthood through a variety of methods. She also helped us for weeks after the baby was born when we didn’t have any family support. She was always on time and extremely generous and flexible with her schedule. Laurie was an extremely helpful and effective coach for both of us. While I ended up needing to have a c-section, Laurie was a critical piece that helped me through it. I was terrified of having an IV, extremely sick from the anesthesia and very disoriented after the surgery. Laurie was the calming presence that got me (and my husband) through all of it.

Of the MANY things that Laurie did for us, here is an example: Post surgery, I was puking sick, disoriented, and tired while trying to figure out how to breastfeed my baby. During this time, we had a “temporary” nurse because my normal nurse went on her lunch break. The temporary nurse was rude and rough. She kept telling me how I was doing it wrong and needed to do it “her way” using the football method. She kept grabbing my boobs and my baby and shoving us all around. It made me very uncomfortable, angry and frustrated. Because of the time Laurie had invested in learning about me, my preferences and how I react in situations, Laurie calmly approached and took over the situation perfectly. Its hard for me to explain exactly how she did it, but she made the rude temporary nurse go away and helped me learn how to successfully breastfeed my baby. I didn’t have to deal with the awkward confrontation with the extremely rude, pushy nurse…Laurie did.” -K

“We loved having Laurie as our post-partum doula. My husband and I knew next to nothing about newborns, and have no family and very few friends in the area; we were completely overwhelmed, especially when our baby turned out to be colicky. The days Laurie came to help were the days we always felt the most sane. She is calm, caring, and very, very smart. She brings a wealth of experience, as well as an abiding passion, to her job. She was the perfect person to play such a delicate and crucial role in our evolving household. I highly recommend her. If we could, we would hire her for life!” – A


“We had the pleasure and privilege to work with Laurie as a postpartum doula during the first few months after delivering our son, and I can’t recommend her highly enough! She was incredibly helpful on both a practical and emotional level in adjusting to being new parents. We will be forever grateful for her insight, humor and calm, caring demeanor during that time in our lives. Laurie is an intelligent, sensitive, and experienced postpartum doula who excels in mothering both new parents and their infants. Never one to tell you what to do, Laurie is excellent at conveying the complexities of parenting a newborn and helping you come the conclusions that best suit your family. My husband and I both adored having Laurie in our home and trusted her without question in caring for our baby; we only wished that we could continue having her work with us as we raise our child into adulthood!” -G

“I am so thankful that my husband and I decided to hire Laurie as our doula. She was amazing. Before our birth, she was fantastic at answering questions and being available for anything we needed. I emailed her numerous times in the final weeks of my pregnancy with fears and anxieties. She not only responded quickly, but she seemed to have the exact thing to say that I needed to hear. What I loved most about Laurie is a little hard to describe. It’s her personality and presence. She has this perfect mix of calm, peaceful, and kind. It’s apparent she loves doula work and was made to do it. She is a careful listener and very insightful. She asked questions of us – things we hadn’t thought of before but were very grateful she brought to our attention so we were able to talk through, be educated, and make decisions we felt good about. Laurie’s knowledge before and during labor was so helpful. It helped me do what I needed to do most: relax and feel confident that her support would help us have the birth we wanted. I also appreciated her honesty. When she didn’t know the answer to a question, she would say so but then research the answer and get back to me. In the end, I’m amazed at how natural it felt to have Laurie at our birth. I was able to labor and deliver without the use of any drugs or other major medical intervention. I am so pleased that this is our birth story. We couldn’t have done it without Laurie.” – J


“I just wanted to thank you again for all you did for us. Your support during [our son’s] birth and in those early days and weeks was so calm, comforting, light, validating, simply amazing. You helped us get excited about the birth and new baby, you listened and were supportive when I needed to process, and you always seemed to know just what was needed at just the right time. [Our 3-year-old] still talks about you too! I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed at just the right moment in time – I can’t imagine this experience without you.” – T


“Not only does Laurie possess a breadth of knowledge when it comes to postpartum care for mom and baby, most importantly she embodies a sense of calm and stability that is vital during those first few weeks at home with a newborn. She very quickly established an alliance with my 4 year old son which allowed me the time and space to really get to know my new baby. Her ability to walk into a sometimes chaotic situation and slow everything down greatly reduced my anxiety and eased our transition into a family of four. Laurie is extremely perceptive and emotionally attentive and I’m grateful for the way she helped empower me as a parent. I highly recommend her services!” – J

“We interviewed several doulas before choosing Laurie. While nearly all of them had excellent credentials and experience, Laurie was the one we felt most comfortable with. She has a cool, laid-back style paired with a compassionate, listening presence. Considering the vulnerable position she would see us in, this felt like the most important criteria in making our decision. Laurie met with us 3 times before the birth. We talked extensively about our previous birth experience, my reactions to pain, medical interventions, basically every scenario we could dream up. I really think that preparation was the key. When I finally went into labor, I felt like a marathoner who had trained perfectly. I was ready to face the contractions and, unlike in my first labor, handle them without pain meds. Laurie provided support by phone throughout and then came to the hospital when we asked her to. Her calm demeanor was very much appreciated when my labor picked up VERY fast and I felt out of control. She did not make me feel bad when I asked for pain meds (which I ended up not getting, due to time) and helped smooth over personality issues with the hospital staff. I think her joy at seeing our little boy emerge was genuine. She really treasures and enjoys being present at a birth. Later, Laurie came by for two post-partum visits. She held my son and listened to my sleep-deprived rambling. Again, she was calm, sympathetic, and kind. She helped us talk to our 3 yo daughter, who was having some adjustment issues, and work on our relationship with each other. Laurie’s background as a therapist is clearly evident in her doula work. She really helped our family have the ideal birth experience and transition into life as a family of 4.” -L


“Having Laurie as our doula really made our birth and the first few weeks with our daughter much easier. I can’t imagine having done it without her. Laurie is a low-key and soothing presence, and was really helpful in answering our questions and concerns. We really appreciated Laurie’s background in psychology and her thoughtful, open-minded approach to her work.” – J

“My experience with Laurie was amazing and my husband and I are so thankful for her care and support throughout our pregnancy and birth. Our labor did not follow our birth plan (shocker!) but we felt totally prepared for all that happened. After a long labor our baby was in distress and we ended up with a c-section, despite this being far from what we wanted or anticipated when we were faced with the situation we were able to embrace our reality with joy. Laurie gave us clear information about all our options when it came to the birth of our son. We felt like we had been able to make good choices that enabled us to have the best birth experience, and hospital stay possible for us. She was a faithful and nurturing companion throughout my pregnancy and I felt totally at peace when my contractions started knowing she would soon be at my side. She guided me through breathing exercises and labor positions which kept me calm and focused. Knowing she was making sure my husband had the information and resources he needed to support me was also a gift so I could just concentrate on bringing our baby into the world. I have loved looking back over the notes she carefully took for us during labor. They are a priceless memento of the details of our baby’s arrival and I will always treasure them. Her authentic care for our family in our birth preparations and in our first days as a family of three was a true blessing.” -C

“I don’t know how Laurie arrived at the name ‘Calm Doula Services’, but it is so right. From our initial interview to final postpartum appointment with Laurie, she had such a calming presence. When I decided to change my birth location from the hospital to birth center at 36 weeks, Laurie was so supportive and helped me to be confident in myself and my ability to give birth. Our pre-birth meetings helped us get to know each other and allowed for my husband and I to air our concerns and expectations. As I watched my due date go past, Laurie helped us to get through the tough last days, and assured me I would not be pregnant forever!

During the birth, Laurie was available by phone as we labored at home throughout the day. When I decided I needed her, she arrived within an hour. She helped with some additional coping techniques for lower back pain and let us know when I had “the look” and we should move to the birthing center. As labor continued, Laurie helped with things like snacks and keeping hydrated so that my husband could focus wholly on helping me cope with contractions. Laurie also assisted with gentle reminders of breathing and coping techniques as things got intense. It was a huge comfort to me to have someone I trusted with birth experience to ask questions when things were hard and long. When we got the go ahead to push, Laurie’s help with positioning got my daughter out fast.

Laurie was a huge help as a postpartum doula too. I struggled with breastfeeding and I loved having her to talk to (and support me) about the idiosyncrasies of my situation. She also taught us about baby-wearing, helped keep me fed, allowed me to have nap-time, or cleaned up the kitchen. She would help with whatever we needed, baby or house-related. I am so glad that we were blessed with Laurie during our transition into parenthood. I would hire again without hesitation!” -R

“Laurie was present for both of my birth experiences. My first was an unexpected scheduled cesarean, and my second was a planned vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Laurie was an invaluable resource during my prenatal period, as I met many challenges with my care provider (she was throwing me curve balls, scare tactics, and false information regarding my birth). Laurie was consistently a strong, calm, and incredibly supportive voice through it all. She gave me the support and space I needed to find my voice, my strength, and my conviction. She let me trust myself at a time when my needs were being ignored by my care provider. She was my strength when I didn’t think I had any left in me. Her prenatal presence -her strength and belief in me- allowed me to find my inner courage, and to act on it. She was my grounding.

When it came to laboring, Laurie was exactly what I needed. She was strong, quiet in her presence, consistently providing me with warmth and encouragement and guidance. When I think about it now, it was kind of like she was a guiding angel on my shoulder! She also really helped my husband to have a role in labor – otherwise I think he would have felt unsure. With Laurie’s guidance both prenatally and at the labor, he found his role and confidence to participate!

When my labor took a turn and I was faced with a cesarean birth, Laurie was there. Supportive, calm, reassuring, and loving. She helped orchestrate a beautiful, empowering birth for my family,  and I would not hesitate to recommend her to a loved one. I hope to have her attend our next birth!” – D

“Laurie will always hold a special place in our lives, as she spent one of our most important days with us—the birth of our little girl. We loved having her supportive and empathic personality present with us during the birth, and she was a tremendous practical help both on the day and in the weeks following. We can’t recommend her highly enough, and any new mom would benefit from her tremendously, both for birth support and post-partum support.” -D