A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, mental, physical, and informational support to the birth mother and family throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. Recent research indicates that having a doula present during labor and delivery provides numerous physical and mental benefits to mothers and babies. According to the research, women who had a doula present at their births were: 

The support of a trained and skilled doula during the perinatal period is truly invaluable. In addition to the benefits listed here, you can also read the words directly from Calm doula clients themselves.

Drawing from a background in counseling psychology, Calm utilizes advanced skills and experience in helping clients:

The purpose of a doula is not to replace the birth partner but rather to work as a team to support the pregnant, birthing, and postpartum mother. Doulas work not only to support birth mothers directly but also partners as they enter their own significant time of transition into parenthood. Many partners report an increased sense of confidence in themselves and fulfillment during the birth and postpartum period as a result of Calm doula support.